Statute of the First Command of the Capital — Brazilian gang PCC 15.3.3

Statute of the PCC First Command of the Capital

Revised and updated in 2017

The Tuning Final communicates all the brothers that were made some necessary changes in our bylaws.

The Primeiro Comando da Capital – PCC was founded in 1993. We celebrate this date on 31 August every year, but 24 years have passed and we face various wars, false criminals were unmasked, suffered heavy blows, been betrayed many times, we lost several brothers, but thanks our union managed to overcome all obstacles and continue to grow.

We revolutionized crime imposing respect through our unity and strength that right prevails above all with our righteousness, we form the law of crime and we all respect and heed to trust in our justice.

Our responsibility is becoming greater because we are examples to be followed.

Times have changed and it was necessary to adapt the Statute of the reality in which we live today, but will not change in any way our basic principles and our guidelines, maintaining features that are our motto PEACE, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, EQUALITY and UNION foremost the Command .

The new Statute juz make the guy who has command today and with the support and unity of all long growing increasingly strengthening assistance to those in need.

We thank all the brothers who are dedicated to our cause and no doubt look to tune to possible doubts are clarified.

1 Item:

All members must respect and loyalty to the First Capital Command, should treat everyone with respect, giving good examples to be followed by the mass above all be fair and impartial.

2 Item:

Always Fight for PEACE, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, EQUALITY and UNION, always seeking the organization’s growth, always respecting the ethics of crime.

3 Item:

All Command members have the right to express their opinion and has the duty to respect everyone’s opinion. Knowing that within the organization there is a hierarchy and discipline to be followed and respected. That members who were to cause division within the Command, disregarding these criteria, will be deleted and decreed.

4 Item:

That it is integral to the street has an obligation to keep up with the tune of your broken or broken that it is. Always be at the disposal of command, the Organization needs the commitment and unity of all members. We made clear that we are not members of a club, but members of a Criminal Organization, fighting against oppression and injustice that arise on a daily basis and try to affect us. Thus, the command does not allow accommodation and weaknesses.

5 Item:

All members who are on the street, have the same obligation, being structured or not, but structured is provided devote to command and when can participate in projects that may create social and financial helplessness solutions to support helpless members.


The command does not admit among its members, rapists, pedophiles, rats, those who extort, envy, and slander, and those who do not respect the ethics of the crime.

Internal Rules of First Command of the Capital — Brazil’s criminal group PCC

7. Item

It is the duty of all faction members collaborate and participate in the “progress” of the command, whatever it is, because the results of this work are integrated in payment expenses defenders, lawyers, help to bars, food basket, financial assistance for family members who lost their lives for our cause, transportation for wheelchair users, or assistance for patients with drug cost, surgery and private medical care, especially in the fight of structures against our enemies, among various situations that strengthen our cause that is the crime strengthens the crime, that is our ideology.

8. Item

The members who are on the street and going through some kind of difficulty, may seek the tuning so that the command can help you go to run, making it clear that the purpose of the organization and strengthen all its members to each has conditions to also engage in Command progress and so our goals are achieved with complete success.

9 Item:

All members must be absolutely sure they want to be part of the command, for he who enjoys the benefits that the Command won and ask you out because of your freedom be close or even who go into the streets and demonstrate lack of interest in our cause, will be evaluated and found that it acted opportunism it may be seen as a traitor, and cowardly and the price of betrayal is death.

10 Item:

We made it clear that the final tuning is a phase of the command hierarchy composed of members who have been appointed and approved by the brothers who are part of Ascension Final Command. There are several tunings, and the tuning end the last instance. The objectives of the Final Tuning is to fight for our ideals and the growth of our organization.

11 Item:

Every mission aimed to be completed. It will be an evaluation of the ability of each member indicated by the tune, and one that is selected and approved has the capacity to fulfill a mission, and has the duty to bear the financial costs, but when you can all expenses will be under the responsibility of Command. These missions mainly include redemption of shares and other restricted operations to the command. All those who will be redeemed, will have the obligation to redeem a brother, that brother who fail the mission by weakness, disloyalty, will be deleted and the case will be evaluated by the line in the case of leaking the ideas can be characterized as treason and charge will be death.

12 Item:

The command has no territorial limit, all members who are baptized are components of the First Capital Command, regardless of city, state or country, everyone must follow our discipline and hierarchy of our Statute.

Guidebook of the First Command of the Capital — Brazilian criminal organization PCC 15.3.3

13 Item:

The command has no coalition with any other faction, live in harmony with factions from other states, when a member of another faction get some string our it will be treated with respect and have the necessary support, but we want the same treatment when the member of the command get stuck in another state in chains of other factions and if any member of another faction of another state disrespecting our discipline in our chain we seek tuning responsible for it and together seek the solution and if there is a our brother be disrespecting the search solution will be the same. We make it clear that it is factions of another state that is friendly Command.

14 Item:

All members will be treated equally, and our struggle is constant and permanent, its merits and attitudes will be evaluated with priority for that it deserves, clarifying that merit is not synonymous with accommodation and impunity before our fight, dealing equally for equal and unequal to the unequal.

15 Item:

Ideal Command’s are above personal conflicts, however the command will be supportive of one member who is right and at a disadvantage to solve their personal problems, support will be provided, the cause will be provided, the cause will be approved, after the direct evaluation of Ascension.

16 Item:

It is unacceptable to use the command to have benefit. If any members were to subfaturar something to earn money on Command, acting prudently for their own benefit, it will be reviewed by tuning and after being proven the overpricing it will be deleted and decreed. No member may use the contact command for commercial or private transactions without the knowledge of Ascension, the brothers who invest capital goods or tools to negotiate, can do business with the family and get their profit provided it is not abusive, as all the fruit of this work is intended for needy towards our ideology.

17 Item:

The member that may leave the organization and join another faction tattling something related to Command will be enacted and that that may mess with our family will have your family exterminated. Command never messed with the family of anyone and will not have such peace. Nobody is forced to remain in command, but the command will not be taken away by anyone.

18 Item:

All members have a duty to act with severity upon oppression, murder and cowardice made by Military Police and against the oppressive machine, exterminations of lives, extortions that are proven, if it is taking place on the street or in part by chains of our enemies, we’ll answer the time of the crime. If any life is taken with these mechanisms by our enemies, the Command members who are registered in Broken occurred should unite and give the same treatment they deserve, life is paid for with life and blood must be paid with blood.

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