Internal Rules of First Command of the Capital — Brazil’s criminal group PCC 1533

Internal Rules of the PCC First Command of the Capital

This dictionary is an extremely important tool in conducting and preparing new leaders. It must be analyzed with great caution before applying an item, since the purpose is to facilitate the conditions and applications of the items, according to analysis of Ascension.

  1. Act Talarico:
    When involved attempts to induce another mate and it is not reciprocated, using means such as, messages, phone calls, or gestures.
    Punishment: Exclusion of no return, is charged at the discretion of impaired and is analyzed by Tune.
  2. Cunning Act:
    When used in bad faith or abuse of trust, it looks like ratinagem, when the impaired trusts and ends up being injured.
    Punishment: Exclusion of no return, collection to analyze.
  3. Trickery Act:
    It is characterized when using psychological pressure, physical strength to subtract something from someone, or when use of force or power to attack physically or verbally.
    Punishment: Exclusion and collection within the Command Course, analyzed by Tune.
  4. Isolated Attitude:
    It is characterized when a member or partner acts without seeking Tune or responsible for area, and aggression, killed, or anything that may harm someone or tarnish the image of the Command.
    Punishment: 90 when mild in nature or collection with analysis of Tune.

5. Abandon:
It is characterized when the member fails with Tune, fails to fulfill his commitments, disappears without leaving any kind of relationship with the organization, still practicing crimes structuring himself, and does not enforce commitments.
Punishment: Exclusion and the collection is at the discretion of Tune.

6. Abandonment of responsabilities:
When you compromisse to do something but you do not do it without reasons (outside air, transfers, health, etc …). The Tune should analyze all that will be registered to avoid these types of situations.
Punishment: from 90 to exclusion (depends on the analyze of the severity by Tune).

7. Slander:
It is characterized when you gossip something from someone with no proof. Note: In case of a deadline to prove and to not prove you will be excluded! If you try to prove after that time and still to not prove, the charge will be high.
Punishment: exclusion, charging under the impaired criteria.

8. Snitching:
It is characterized when hard evidence or recognition involved are displayed. The Tune should analyze all angles, because it is a very delicate situation.
Punishment: Exclusion, charging under the impaired criteria.

9. Blackmail:
It is characterized when a person learns something from another and uses it to benefit, or inform Tune, something the other is involved. Within the organization is considered serious.
Punishment: exclusion and will be analyzed by Tune.

10. Granting time:
Granting time occurs when it gets overtime all attempts at agreement, if it were granted 2 times is punished with 90 days of suspension, the third is excluded. Member after the third time, there is no more right to buy with Granting time. And if the suplier sell it, the suplier no longer has benefit from the Command procedures. If the brother beats the deadline, he suffers a demotion for 20 days as a companion, after that the charge is asked by the impaired one and analyzed by Tune. Note: the deadline as a companion is 20 days.

11. Charge:
A disciplinary charge is applied after analysis and ok status, if it were verified the member takes controlled remedy or has had surgery, if he has relatives in crime, and has been charged ever. The priority is that the impaired one charges or desings someone to charge but the responsability is on his,. When it involves na área, the discipline from that área is responsible for charging.

12. Unpreparedness:
It is considered unpreparedness when the member can not develop within the organization commitments and is not seen as a good example, even if he does not denigrate the organization’s image.
Punishment: Up to 90 days of baptism is canceled after this, it is excluded and should be sought understanding with the sponsors, even if it was strengthening.

13. Decree:
To confirm a decree Tune has to analyze carefully, because it is a life situation. Situations which clearly applies the decree, as a betrayal, abandonment other situations like smash-and-grab, snitching and rapes, Tune analyzes in a general context. When a decreed one arrives in our area has to be charged a ready beat.

14. Fail an oath:
It is characterized when you cease to comply with any agreement made towards Tune or other members, in case when it is determined to not use drugs or something harmful to your development in the organization, Tune considers itself as impaired, if In case of agrément to wait until Granting time or not pass, if the agreement is not accomplished the lender is responsible to carry the situation to Tune.
Punishment: Exclusion

Guidebook of the First Command of the Capital — Brazilian criminal organization PCC 15.3.3

15. Disrespect:
It is characterized when you offend or change your mood in front of the others. Do not get confused with verbal attack.
Punishment: 90 of suspension.

16. Disrespect for Tune:
It is characterized when on a leading, changes, switches off, ignore or offend other party before the Tune.
Punishment: 90 of suspension.

17. Extortion:
It is detected, when you use something that relates to another person to subtract money, drugs, or favors. Do not confuse with blackmail, in case of blackmail to subtract something, in system Tune is positioned on top of the Statute where our organization does not admit.
Punishment: Exclusion with no return, charging according to Tune.

18. Lack of vision:
It is characterized when you do not see that your attitude is likely to bring something harmful to others or even to the organization. It can be characterized in opinions given in officially meetings. This atitude must be analize carefuly since it is in an extremely delicate situation.

19. Lack of transparency:
It is characterized when you do not inform something to Tune. It can be characterized at the time of baptism about the White Paper Tune questions, the lack of transparency and the omission of importante facts during the interrogation of approval.
Punishment: exclusion. Suspension of 90 days only if the Tune not see need for more punishment.

20. Weakness:
It is characterized when it is asked to leave the organization, when you receive a determination or a certain mission.
Punishment: Exclusion, returning after 2 years have to be analyzed by Tune and greatly depends on daily routine of the involved one.

21. Lack of interest:
It is characterized, when it is not demonstrated any interest in the organizatioo and you do not participate in work or family projects, do not seek knowledge or understanding of the daily routine of the organization.
Punishment: exclusion.

22. Lack of commitment:
It is characterized when you ceases to be committed to our cause and the organization.
Punishment: exclusion.

23. Lack of monitoring:
It is characterized as a suffering of a demotion of hierarchy, a determination and its progress is not followed, which leads to slow or not happen what was given to you.
Punishment: 90 days of suspension, with analysis of Tune.

24. Lack of of comunication:
It is characterized when you do not comunicate something that has happened or will do to the secction, hierarchy above or to the Tune which is responsable.
Punishment: 90 days of suspension.

25. Lack of attention:
It is characterized when it ceases to pay attention to your business and a delay occurs or it does not occur correctly, because it was not given full attention.
Punishment: exclusion.

26. Lack of sync
It is characterized when you do not accomplish your task or do not get closed to the Tune and do not report to your region and someone knows where you are if you do not say it, It is considered abandonment.
Punishment: exclusion.

27. Homosexuality:
It is characterized as maintaining relationship or lewd acts with persons of the same sex.
Punishment: Exclusion with no return.

Statute of the First Command of the Capital — Brazilian gang PCC 15.3.3

28. Induce Tune:
It is characterized when it is simulated or forced evidence to make Tune believe something that it is not the reality of what happened.
Punishment: exclusion with the analysis of Tune.

29. Bloodsucker:
It is characterized when you extort someone in order to hold someone else’s crime, drugs, cellphone, or tools which are not yours. It is clear that the one who holds egregious of others, and are taking advantage of the situation, will pay for it.
Punishment: exclusion.

30. Bad leading:
It is characterized when a mission is not led with caution and has cause problems to you or to the organization. If there is a delay or will not happen what hierarchy above asks for the leader.
Punishment: 90 of suspension, with analysis of tuning.

31. Smash-and-Grab:
It is characterized by stealing something from the organization such as money, drugs, weapons, etc … It’s a serious situation.
Punishment: exclusion and death, depending on the situation with analysis of Tune.

32. Maneuver:
It is characterized when you divert from one cause to another, when you use it and then return it, It must be examined all angles even when there are others.
Punishment: Exclusion and charging analysis of Tune.

33. Bad example/behavior:
It is characterized when the integral flees our discipline, not showing a clear picture of the organization, when he does not stand as factional in front of the mass, disrespecting and acting completely opposite to what is preached by the faction.
Punishment: Exclusion and is being analyzed by the local fellowship and Tune.

34. Lie:
It is characterized when you make something up to benefit or impair the leading.
Punishment: Exclusion and if not harm anyone you can return after two years or the will of the impaired one.

35. Opportunism:
It is characterized when you use something that has already happened to justify an act of yours, or trying to harm others.
Punishment: Exclusion with no return.

36. Pederasty:
Characterized when practicing sex with people of the same sex, homosexuality differs from it because the practitioner is only top not bottom.
Punishment: Exclusion and it is applicable charging with analysis of Tune.

37. Deadline to prove:
It is led when someone is accused of something and take the initiative to lead. The brother has 15 days and companion has 20 days after the due date if it is not proven it is characterized slander.
Punishment: Exclusion and the impaired asks for charging. It will be analysed by Tune,

38. Deadline expired:
After the date, if the lender goes on the situation, is led to exclusion and is also lead to companion granting time if there is no agreement the charge is the lender’s discretion and is analyzed by Tune.

39. Ratinagem:
It is characterized when you take something from others without permission in cache or location that the owner left, it can not be confused as a cunning act.
Punishment: exclusion with no return. Charge on request by the impaired one will be analyzed by Tune.

40. Overpricing:
It characterized when in a negociation the involved one prices more to benefit himself, It is not the case of private negociations where everyone gets his own profit.
Example item: It is when a person picks up the goods or object and adds value to resell, if the negociation is another person’s. and person assumes this sale and increases the value. Remembering that each one has his negociations right of having profit, Tuning analyzes if there is evil intent.
Punishment: exclusion.

41. Talaricagem:
It is characterized you have a relationship with married woman, knowing that she is committed. It Should examine whether the involved one was not duped by the woman. If you know who is married and insist on staying with her, it is clear the evil intent.
Punishment: Exclusion and charging for both, at the discretion of impaired.

42. Treason:
It is Characterized when a member of the organization gives information to other factions or the police, when he leaves the CCP to join the other group. When it is trusted to that member a responsibility and he uses it to harm the organization or others and when he causes divisions in the group.
Punishment: exclusion and death.

43. Abusive use of drugs:
It is characterized the effect of drugs or alcohol. It is a bad example because it hurts, it makes you paranoid, aggressive, and even forces you to be medicated because of the abuse.
Punishment: 90 days of suspension if you commit to change, exclusion depends on the situation.

44. Drug use not permitted:
It is characterized when you use crack or oxy, the organization does not allow. In some states a statement was released about Roupinol (pills and alcohol) which may also be punished.
Punishment: in the case of crack and oxy: exclusion right away with no return. In the case of Roupinol: from 90 days of suspension up to exclusion depends on the situation. It should be well analyzed by Tune.

45. Punishment for godson:
When your godson is baptized in the save, and if he is excluded by private debt, the godfather gets a year without baptize, if debt is with Command godfather takes 90 days of suspension.